This semester at university, I am taking an events management unit. Our main
assignment is to put on an event for charity and I am so excited about it I thought I would share what I have been up too!

I’m working in a team of 5 to put on a 1920’s themed charity night with live music from local jazz bands/singers, and Gatsby-style fancy dress! The event is this coming Thursday so we’re all very stressed but excited for the night to arrive.

The Glad Rags team has booked out a great venue for the event! We had to raise all of the money ourselves to pay for the venue and it’s proven to be very difficult but we are almost there so we are keeping optimistic! We’ve been very busy finding cheap but suitable black and gold decorations to make the place look as 20’s as possible!

3 local jazz bands and a singer have agreed to play for us for free and a professional photographer has offered the same so we are very lucky to have so many talented people wanting to help us out!

I love being behind a camera, especially when the person in front of it is a star! Above are a few behind the scene photos from the TV studios. And below is the result! A little promotional video that I shot and edited with the help of some very talented people:

The charity we have chosen to support is directly related to our event. It’s called Youth Music and they work to bring music making projects to children and young people in difficult circumstances. We are charging £3 on the door so we hope to raise lots of money for the charity!

We’ve spent the last month working hard on creating a social media presence. We have a Twitter, Instagram and a Facebook event! If you just happen to be in England and in Hampshire on the evening of the 10th March that would be amazing timing and you should come along! But the chances are you won’t be able to attend Glad Rags so I hope that you can see how it goes on social media! Plus I’ll post lots of photographs on my blog after the event!

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